Preserving the nature and heritage of Hollyburn Ridge, West Vancouver.

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Do you have something to Buy or Sell? Anything at all – Cabins too. Please email and it will be posted within 48 hours.  A few good photos are always helpful.

Posted 2017: Father/daughter looking to buy/share a Hollyburn Cabin:  Hi everyone.  I’m a single parent with a 14 year old daughter and we’re looking to become one of the lucky few who have the pleasure enjoying the community and a cabin up at Hollyburn Ridge.  We’re open to sharing a place or owning it ourselves, and would love the opportunity to meet anyone who’s interested in selling part of or all of their cabin.  I grew up with a cabin not far from my home, and since we sold it about 7 years ago, we’ve really missed everything that it added to our lives: the peace and quite, the slow pace of life, the sense of community and the physical activity it provided.  My daughter and I are both creative and handy, and like the idea of a space that may need some upkeep or TLC, and I personally am looking forward to place that’s unplugged and where I can relax and work on my photography and writing.  My daughter’s an avid downhill skier on Cypress and competed with the club for a while, while I’m more of a cross country and snow shoe guy.  Please touch base as we’d really like to meet you and chat about it.  I’ve attached a few images from our time at our previous cabin.
I can be reached at or 778-245-0524.
Thank you! Jon and Rio.

Posted 2017: Young family looking to buy/share a Hollyburn Cabin:
My family and I are interested in buying a cabin at Hollyburn. We’re looking for an owner who is thinking of selling and we’re open to various arrangements surrounding timing, shared access etc. A little about us: Julia and I and our two children, Ben (6) and Andrew (3), are looking for a quiet place to enjoy weekends and holidays. We’ve been dreaming of buying a cabin at Hollyburn for years; back when I was a BC Parks Ranger, I was always impressed with the beauty and tranquility of the area. It’s exactly the kind of place we’d like to bring our boys to get away from the City and its many distractions. These days, we’re up at Hollyburn most weekends in the winter (I’m a volunteer ski Coach with the Hollyburn Ski Club and Ben is a very proud Jack Rabbit), so we are around if you’d like to meet, possibly for a hot chocolate at the lodge. If you’re thinking of selling your cabin, let me know and we can meet to discuss further.
Thanks! Mark (and Julia, Ben and Andrew) 604-868-1431

Posted 2017Young family looking to buy/share a Hollyburn Cabin:
We have had the pleasure to spend time up at Hollyburn at a friend’s cabin and have come to love the Hollyburn cabin area and corresponding community.   We are looking for an owner who is thinking of selling their cabin or open to any arrangement (partial sale, sale with continued access, help with maintenance, etc.).   If you are an owner who is thinking of selling your cabin or know of anyone who is, please phone or text Aamna at (604) 329-4827 or e-mail at  Thanks!