Preserving the nature and heritage of Hollyburn Ridge, West Vancouver.

Experience the nature and heritage of this historic ridge.

Record Snowfall is Record Fun!

Stomp, Jump, Ski, Slide, Snowballs

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Hollyburn Lodge Renewal Project

Hollyburn Lodge has been rebuilt and is now open! Find out more about this renewal project, and how you can help with the heritage touches still left to complete.

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Hollyburn Lodge Donor List

Check out the long list of generous donors who have supported the Lodge renewal project to date

Donor List 

Hollyburn Lodge rebuild is complete!

Hollyburn Lodge Renewal Project
GOAL - $1,100,000.00 - TOTAL FUNDS RAISED TO DATE - January 31, 2017 $1,135,832.47 Every $100 donation gets recognized. Thank you for your support to restore this historic lodge.

Life and times on Hollyburn Ridge:

Now, if hikers start rejoicing as they near their alpine realm, it's because a welcome ease awaits them in a hut at trails' end. - Tony Flower, Ridgeline Vignettes